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ACT Math Prep by MathOnTime

Free and low-cost material to help you quickly review for the ACT Math Test.

ACT Math Formula Pages (first one free)

These one-page "cheat sheets" include the equations you're most likely to see on the ACT Math test. The Plane Geometry Formula Page is Free.

ACT Math Video Practice Test (with coupon link: $9)

This Guided Video Practice Test contains 60 ACT math problems, a one-minute problem timer, and step-by-step solutions. This practice test will help you improve your pacing and learn to work 60 of the most commonly appearing types of ACT Math problems. This Practice Test includes 20 EASY-level problems, 20 MEDIUM and 20 HARD.

ACT Math Video Practice Problems (free)

Typical ACT Math problems are presented as videos with a built-in one minute timer to give you a chance to try the problem before viewing the solution. These free problems are in the same format as the full-length video practice test.

This problem is in the same format as problems in the Guided Video Practice Test. This is an example of an EASY ACT math problem, that could show up near the BEGINNING of the ACT Math test. Problems near the beginning of the test are answered correctly by more students, and can sometimes be worked in less than a minute. Can you work this one in less than a minute?

Working with a one-minute timer is a great way to prepare for the ACT Math test, since the average time per problem on this test is one minute. And by viewing the solution right after you try the problem, you'll increase the likelihood that you'll remember how to work problems like it on test day.

This website includes several free problems in the same video format as the one above: ACT Math Practice Problems (free). If you'd like to see the full-length practice test (all 60 problems), check out ACT Math Made Easy. These problems will help you practice your timing while mastering 60 of the most common types of ACT questions.

ACT Math Study Guide (free)

This study guide gives a 6-step strategy for preparing for the ACT Math test. Follow this strategy if you're serious about increasing your ACT Math score.